Privacy Policy

  • Coding Robot Lab, Inc. (hereinafter, the “Company”) values personal information of Users, and is exerting utmost efforts to protect such information in the course of providing its service to Users.
  • The Company complies with all laws and regulations on protection of personal information, including Personal Information Protection Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., based on which it detemines its privacy policy and discloses it on the website and mobile application to allow User to inspect it at any time. User may refuse to agree to the collection, use, and provision of his/her personal information. Provided that, in case of such refusal, User may be unable to use the service, in whole or in part.

Article 1. (Purpose of Personal Information Processing)

  • The Company processes personal information for the following purposes. Personal information to be processed shall not be used for purposes other than those stipulated in the following, and if purpose of use is changed, the Company will implement measures such as obtaining consent of Users required pusuant to Article 18 of Personal Information Protection Act.
    1. Provision of Service
      Provision of contents and customized information for each member, identity verification, etc.
    2. Management of Members
      Use of membership service and identity verification, prevention of service use for wrongful purposes by Member whose membership was suspended due to an act in violation of the Guideline on Service Use, archiving of records for settlement of any dispute, complaint handling, announcement of notices, etc.
    3. Development of New Service and Utilization for Marketing Purposes
      Development of new service, provision of customized service based on statistics and user type, etc. of User, posting of advertisements, provision of an opportunity to take part in an event, identifying access frequeny of User, compilation of statistics on User’s use of service, etc.

Article 2. (Items to be Processed and Period of Retention and Use)

  1. Personal information items to be processed by the Company and the period of retaining and using personal information shall be as follows:
    1. Items to be retained and purpose of retention
    2. Period of retention

    1-A. Personal Information Items to be Retained and Purpose of Retention

    Category Items to be Collected and Used Purpose of Collection and Use
    Membership Registration Information
    Email address
    Membership registration, ID availability check, password reset, provision of service and consultation, a User satisfaction survey
    Profile Information
    Profile Photo
    Portfolio Link
    Year of Birth
    휴대전화 정보
    For the purpose of research and provision of service materials required for the provision of customized service, prevention of use for wrongful purposes, availability checkgistration, ID l be kept pursuant to relevant laws and regulations: until the date specified in the the rights of the
    Leader Information
    Supporting materials proving career and proficiency of Leader Verification of identity and qualification required to grant a pro-leader authentication
    Account Linking Information
    KakaoTalk Log-in
    Google Log-in
    Account linking information to enable more convenient log-in
    Group Information
    Group Name
    Group Type
    Email Address of the Head of the Group
    Role of the Head of the Group
    Group Profile Image
    Group Address
    Basic information for facilitation of convenient use of group service
    Group Member Personal Information
    School ID Number
    Authority of Member
    An optional information for convenient use of group service
    Use and Inquiry Information
    Personal information (CI/DI) and mobile phone number required in the procedure of identity verification
    Prevention of use for wrongful intention, and identity verification for the provision of service
    Membership Withdrawal Information
    Reason of withdrawal For the purpose of improving service
    Others All information stated above, period of membership retention, registration route, major fields, interested fields, career, education, occupation, payment and purchase information, information entered in a survey, review, contents of lesson that User is taking, contents of learning management, and others For research and statistical purposes (statistical analysis, development of service) for provision of customized service, improvement of service, and establishment of marketing strategies

    1-B. Period of Retention

    1. If period of retention is not specified, it shall be subject to the following:
      1. All: one (1) year from the withdrawal of membership (for prevention of transaction and use for wrongful purposes)
      2. For information that shall be kept pursuant to relevant laws and regulations: until the termination of such laws and regulations
      3. Where any outstanding financial issues remain regarding the use of service, information shall be retained until financial issues are settled, or if applicable, for the period stipulated in relevant laws and regulations;
      4. If there is any period that obtained consent of User at the time of collection of his/her personal information, it shall subject to such period
      5. If applicable, subject to the period stipulated in the Privacy Policy;
      6. Until the purpose of collection and use is fulfilled; or
      7. If any other reasonable causes exist except for the preceding paragraphs, information may be kept for a certain period.
    2. During a procedure of use of service and a normal course of business, the following informaion may be automatically created and collected.
      1. Information on any kind of terminal equipment (mobile phones, tablets, etc.), such as the device model, hardware ID and OS version, access IP information, cookies, payment records, access log, service use records, records of malfunction during use of service.
    3. The Company may contact User using the User information for the purpose of notifying of the service that guarantees the rights of User.
    4. Information collected pursuant to Articles 1 and 2 may be used for statistical and analysis purposes.
    5. The period of retention and use of each item of personal information shall be as follows pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, and the Company’s internal policy.
      1. Name, email address, mobile phone/telephone number, and address
        Reasons for Retention: provision of cooperation disputes and investigations of infringement on a right such as defamation, etc., prevention of occurrence of use for wrongful purposes and re-registration of such user, control of transaction in violation of relevant laws and regulations, or the Guideline on Service Use and any other transactions contravening public order and good morals, etc.
        Period of Retention: One (1) year from the withdrawal of membership
      2. Act 1: Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
        Records of withdrawal of an agreement or subscription: five (5) years
        Records of payment, supply of goods, etc.: five (5) years
        Records of consumer complaints or resolution of disputes: three (3) years
        Records of marks and advertisements: six (6) months
      3. Act 2: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
        Records of visiting the website/app, or service use: three (3) months
      4. Act 3: Valud-Added Tax Act
        Materials of report on tax base and amount of value-added tax: five (5) years

Article 3. (Method of Collection of Personal Information)

  • Personal information shall be collected on a mobile application, or a website, or via fax, telephone, email, event participation, etc.

Article 4. (Utilization of Cookies)

  1. Access IP address, cookies, reports of service use, etc. may be created and collected while using the Internet service. The Company may create such information of User as access IP address, date of visiting the website, reports of service use, browser information, etc., and store (collect) such data using an automated method.
  2. The Company collects cookies to let User know whether he/she accessed to or did not access to each service, and to provide confirmation and information in response to a User inquiry, analysis of use type, and customized service for each User.
  3. User has an optional right to the installation and use of cookies. Whether it may vary according to the type of a web browser, most web browers allow User to determine whether to accept cookies, or to delete any and all cookie data in Setting. Provided that, if User refuses to store cookies in his/her computer hard disk, use of some services requiring log-in may be restricted.

Article 5. (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

  • The Company shall process personal information of User within the extent set forth in its Privacy Policy, and without prior consent of User, shall not use the information to an extent beyond the intended extent, or disclose or provide it to external or third parties.
  • In case when the Company provides personal information of User to an affiliate, etc., the Company shall notify to User of the name of such company, items to be provided, a purpose of provision, retention period, etc., and obtain consent of User. The Company shall notify of a single change in one of the matters stated, and obtain consent of User.
  • The Company shall provide to a third party the following personal information of User within an extent required to facilitate the provision of service, consultation, etc.
  • Person Receiving Personal Information Information to be Provided Purpose of Provision Period of Retention and Use
    Leader (member who provides education) Name, nickname, mobile phone number, email address, school ID number, major/department, etc. of Member (who receives education)
    Where it is required for starting a lesson; or prevention of wrongful use through identity verification For the period agreed by User
  • The Company shall not provide personal information of User to a third party without consent of User. Provided that, in case of such refusal, User may use service only within a limited extent.
  • Notwithstanding Paragrpahs 1 through 4, the Company may provide personal information of User to a third party for any of the following cases:
    • Where the Company separately obtains consent of a subject of information;
    • Where identity verification is required for the prevention of theft;
    • Where there is any special provision in relevant Acts, or it is inevitable to be in compliance with obligations under relevant laws and regulations;
    • Where there is a request of an investigation agency for the purpose of investigation in accordance with the procedures and methods stipulated in laws and regulations;
    • Where it is necessary for settlement of fees incurred as a result of provision of service;
    • Where information is provided in the form whose identity cannot be identified, for the purpose of compilation of statistics, academic research, or market research; or
    • Where it is subject to Article 17 or Article 18 of Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 6. (Entrustment of Personal Information Processing)

  1. The Company may entrust the processing of personal information of User to a third party for the provision of improved service. The matters required to ensure the safe management of User’s personal information are set forth in an entrustment agreement with a third party pursuant to relevant laws and regulations. Further, the Company shall disclose the consignment work and a person to be entrusted with processing of personal information (hereinafter, “Entrusted Companies”) to let User easily check the matters any time, and this shall apply to the case when consignment work or consignment company is changed.
  2. Companies to be entrusted with personal information processing and their consignment works are as follows:
  3. 수탁업체 위탁 업무 위탁 정보 보유기간
    카카오, 솔라피 SMS, LMS, 알림톡 발송 이름, 휴대전화 번호, 이메일 이용 목적 달성 및 위탁 계약 종료시까지
    ㈜다날 본인인증 휴대전화 번호, 이름
    AWS 클라우드 서버 운영 및 인프라 관리 이름, 이메일 주소, 휴대전화 번호, 비밀번호, 서비스 이용 기록
    ㈜다날 결제 및 환불 이름, 주소, 휴대전화 번호, 현금영수증 발행 정보
    카카오, 구글 SNS 가입/로그인 이메일 주소, 이름, 휴대전화 번호, 프로필 사진

Article 7. (Destruction of Personal Information)

  1. The Company shall destruct personal information of User without delay once such personal information becomes unnecessary, such as when the period of retention agreed on by User is elapsed, the purpose of personal information processing is fulfilled, etc.
  2. Pursuant to Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., the Company shall destruct personal information of Member who has no record of service use for one (1) year, immediately after notifying thereof in advance, according to the “Effective Period of Personal Information” stipulated in Article 29 of Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
  3. Notwithstanding the Paragraphs ① and ②, if the Company has reasons to continue to keep personal information in accordance with its internal policies, or relevant laws and regulations (Commercial Act, Electronic Financial Transaction Act, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.), the Company shall preserve it for a period specified in Article 2 (5), and destruct such information immediately after such retention period is elapsed.
  4. The Company shall destruct personal information of Users in the following methods. Personal information printed on paper is to be destroyed through shredding or incineration. Personal information stored in electronic file formats is to be deleted using technical means which make the information unrecoverable.

Article 8. (Rights and Obligations of User)

  1. Rights of User
    • User may inquire or modify his/her personal information registered, and request for withdrawal of membership at any time.
    • User may inquire and modify his/her personal information on the website by clicking ‘Modify Personal Information.’ If User desires to withdraw membership (withdrawal of agreement), he/she may inspect, modify, or withdraw membership after identity verification check, and clicking the ‘Membership Withdrawal’ button.
    • User may request for inspection, correction, deletion and destruction of his/her personal information to the Company in writing, or via telephone or email, and the Company shall take actions required to address such request without delay.
    • The right under Paragraph (c) can be exerted by an agent, such as a legal representative, or an authorized person of the subject of information, etc., in which case a power of attorney shall be submitted in the Form No. 11 appended in Appendix of the Enforcement Decree of Personal Information Act.
    • Upon request of User for correction of any falsity in his/her personal information, the Company shall not use or provide personal information of User before correction is completed. In case the Company already provided such false information to a third party, the Company shall notify thereof to the third party without delay to correct such information.
  2. Obligations of User
    • User shall prevent any accident from occurring by entering his/her most recent and accurate perosnal information. Liabilities of any accident arising from entering inaccurate information shall be borne by User himself/herself, and in case User steals and uses information of other person, or enters false information, the use of his/her account may be restricted or his/her membership may be lost.
    • User shall not violate relevant laws and regulations including Personal Information Protection Act so that personal information and privacy of the subject of information (User himself/herself) or others shall not be infringed. User shall make sure that his/her personal information including password is not leaked, and not to damage personal information and posts of other users.
    • User shall comply with laws on personal information, including Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Personal Information Protection Act, Citizen Registration Act, etc. If in violation of any of relevant laws and regulations, User may be punished or liable to compensate for any damage as a result of such violation.

Article 9. (Measures to Safeguard Personal Information)

  1. The Company is implementing technical/administrative measures to prevent loss, theft, leakage, forgery, or impairment of personal information of User when processing it. Provided that, the Company shall not be liable for leakage of personal information, such as ID, password, etc., arising as a result of carelessness of the User him/herself, or Internet or communications troubles.
  2. As password is encrypted when stored and managed, confirmation and modification of personal information is only available by the User himself/herself.
  3. The Company is exerting utmost efforts to prevent personal information of Users from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. Further, the Company performs the backup of materials on a regular basis as a preventive measure against personal information impairment, is endeavoring to prevent leakage or damage of personal information or materials of User through the most recent security update installation and technical measures, and makes sure that personal information of User is safely transmitted over a network via encrypted communications.
  4. The Company uses an access blocking system to restrict an unauthorized access, and is endeavoring to implement all possible technical measures in order to secure security of the system.
  5. Personal information of User is handled by minimum personnel of the Company. The Company assigns a separate password for those handling personal information, renews the password on a regular basis, and gives a regular training to personnel and other employees on the importance of compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Article 10. (Designation of Personal Information Protection Manager)

  1. The Company designates the following person as a personal information protection manager to take in general charge of tasks on the processing of personal information, and handle complaints by a subject of information and damage remedy regarding personal information processing. Provided that, this shall not apply to impairment and destruction of information arising as a result of an unexpected accident such as force majeure, and all kinds of disputes with respect to information provided by User to the Company, both of which arise even though the Company takes appropriate safeguard measures.
    • [Personal Information Protection Manager and Division]
      Name: Doohyun Park
      Division: Development Team
      Title: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
      Tel: 02-2039-9355
  2. A subject of information may inquire to the following agencies about damage remedy or consultation regarding infringement on personal information.
    • <If you have any complaint about the Company’s way of processing personal information, are not satisfied with the damage remedy, or need more help, please contact the following agencies.>
      Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( / Press 118 without dialing an area code)
      Cyber Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / Press 1301 without dialing an area code)
      Cyber Safety Bureau, National Policy Agency ( / Press 182 without dialing an area code)

Article 11. (Obligation of Notification)

  • The Company may revise this Privacy Policy for the purpose of reflecting any change in relevant laws and regulations, or in its service.In case the Company intends to add, delete, and modify this Privacy Policy, such matter shall be notified on a ‘bulletin board’ of its website at least seven (7) days before such revision. The Company shall state the enforcement date of its Privacy Policy to let anyone know the timeline of revision hereof.

Article 12. (Enforcement Date)

  • This Privacy Policy shall enter into force from

    January 1, 2021.